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Home of West St. Paul Regional Athletics Center

Schedule Changes

Tuesday, December 5th

Walking/Jogging ends at Noon; Open Dome is CANCELLED

Thursday, December 7th

Walking/Jogging end at 9:00AM; Open Dome is CANCELLED



2023 - 2024 Season Openings

 Please contact us directly to see if we have any available time that works for you. 

Last minute/late night rentals are to subject to staff availability. 


General Schedules

Check above for changes in times & dates 


WALKING/JOGGING General Schedule 

Mon 7am - 9am

Tues - Fri  7am - 1:00pm


$5 Open Dome General Schedule 

Open Dome is for people who want to utilize the field (kick a ball around, play a pickup game with friends, play catch, etc.)

Monday- No Open Dome

Tuesday through Friday: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Please be mindful of the Walkers/Joggers

There is no Walking / Jogging or Open Dome on the weekends


Please be wary of your surroundings when Open Dome is in session. We are not responsible for any injuries that may occur in the dome. 


Welcome To The West St Paul Regional Athletics Center

This state of the art indoor sports facility opened for use in November 2012 and has enjoyed success every season since. A 110,000 square foot permanent dome with an 11v11 soccer field, a smaller training field and 3 batting cages are available for rent. The dome is open to the public, daytime hours, Monday through Friday for walking / jogging free of charge and $5 open dome use is available when rentals permit. Check the schedules to see when walking/jogging and open dome times are available.  


  • At 454 feet long, 244 feet wide and a 78 foot high ceiling there is over 110,000 square feet of space
  • Over 18 million pounds of concrete form the 9 foot tall 2 foot thick surrounding base walls
  • Almost 5 million cubic feet of pressurized air support the dome
  • 175 tons or of pulverized virgin tires create the turf in-fill
  • The WSPRAC has surpassed GMAX ratings, even after 6 years
  • Having the testing done, the cleaning and sanitizing we do is all for the safety of our renters
  • One lap around the dome is about ¼ mile
  • On top of renters, over 35,000 use the dome for walking and jogging each year

Rent Now

Secure your Field and Batting Cage time by calling the dome, emailing Phil at or Christian at

If you are calling after 4pm Monday-Friday or any time on Saturday or Sunday please call the facility at 651-552-4158 to leave a message as well


View Open Rental Times & Rates

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Dome Health Safety Measures in Place

We have always strived for a safe environment here at the West Saint Paul Regional Athletics Center. We have had cleaning & maintenance procedures in place since our opening in 2012 that have kept the WSPRAC a premier facility. From our windows, to our turf, we go above and beyond for cleanliness and safety. We have always had lighting that was considered the benchmark in lighting for participants. We have now gone to LED lighting for even better lighting, which makes for better and safer play.

Earlier in 2020 we encountered a new threat with the 2020 Covid pandemic. This has brought on a few changes to our already top notch procedures. The WSPRAC is a permanent, year round air supported structure. The dome refreshes the air supply regularly, multiple times each day and our commitment to a healthy and safe environment have been in place since the opening of the facility.  We have air filters for our incoming air and temporary domes generally have no filtration at all in the design. We have added to our filtration an ionizing-sanitizing system as well. We have also increased our normal sanitizing practices. All of this is to keep the WSPRAC a safe and friendly environment.

 The unit that keeps the dome inflated constantly brings in fresh air and will bring enough fresh air in to replenish the domes air in hours and not days as a building does.  Take into consideration the amount of air inside the dome itself, a person would be getting 5 times or more fresh air than a standard building. We have an ionizing system in conjunction with our already good numbers for air safety and quality, to increase sanitizing of all the air that is brought in.Our turf has always been of importance in both sanitary and maintenance. For years we have been the only facility that sanitized on a regular schedule. Currently that schedule is being ramped up to deal with the new health issues we are dealing with. We also are one of the few facilities that test our turf density to stay well within the safe zone. These measures are far above what other many other facilities have been practicing.

                                                 Thank You The WSPRAC Staff

WSPRAC Turf Safety Testing

We at the WSPRAC had Thomas Testing come in for the third time in a row and test our turf for the industries G-Max numbers. The G-Max testing is a more comprehensive test than what is even used by the NFL and schools for their guidelines. We take the safety of our renters on our turf and very seriously and are proud of our numbers and the confirmation from the testing company.  

With a number of 200 considered too hard, we were very happy to come in far below that once again.

Having the testing done, the cleaning and sanitizing we do is all for the safety of our renters.

Public Use Counter

2016 WSRAC was estimated at  35,000 walkers and Open Dome users


2017 WSRAC has estimated well over 38,000 walkers and Open Dome users again.


2018 has estimated over 36,000 Walkers and Open Dome Users.


2019 has again estimated over 36,000 Walkers and Open Dome Users.


2020  is estimated over 20,000 Walkers and Open Dome Users even with the Pandemic shut down


2021 even with the Covid Shutdowns and changes our Walking/Jogging and Open Dome numbers climbed again to well over 25,000 for the year 

WSPRAC averaged over 36,000 Walkers/Joggers and Open Dome Users  for 4 years leading into the pandemic

Walking and Open Dome


Free to the public

*All participants must sign in

$5.00 per person / 10 Session Punch cards $30.00

Walking / Jogging during only Open Dome time will be treated as an Open Dome user and subject the $5

*All participants must sign in at the main office


There is never Walking/Jogging or Open Dome on the Weekends or in the evenings