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WSP Dome Soccer League


Please click on the link at left - PDT Tournament, full information and registration link for the 3rd annual Carbone's Pizzeria Presidents' Day Tournament (PDT). Spots are at capacity (see table below).  Since it is an indoor tournament, only so many teams are able to participate.

We still have waitlist teams in case of a team dropping.  If interested, please contact one of the people below.

Questions - contact

Shelli -shelli@nlsnextlevelsports.com

Bob - stingpres@gmail.com

PDT-registrations by age group and gender

Group/gender Capacity Registered Status
U9/U10 girls 8 8 Waitlist for add'l teams
U9/U10 boys 5 5 Waitlist for add'l teams
U11/U12 girls 16 16 Waitlist for add'l teams
U11/U12 boys 16 16 Waitlist for add'l teams
U13/U14 girls 8 8 Waitlist for add'l teams
U13/U14 boys 10 10 Waitlist for add'l teams
U15/U16 girls 4 4 Waitlist for add'l teams

Announcements - Next games - January 24/25, 2015

League play has begun.  For all session 1 registered teams, schedules have been posted on this website. Click on "Schedules" at left and then click on your appropriate gender and age at the left.

These schedules are considered final.

Next matches are January 24/25, 2015

Questions, please email stingpres@gmail.com


Registration status

On line registration is available. Please email stingpres@gmail.com to request the link and be added to the waitlist. Total teams (both boy and girl teams) in each of session 1 and session 2 will be 36.

Status for session 1, we are full for session 1 and schedules are posted.

Status for session 2,

  • U11/U12 girls (waitlist)
  • U13/U14 girls - (waitlist)
  • U15+ girls - (waitlist)
  • U11/U12 boys (waitlist)
  • U13/U14 boys - (waitlist)
  • U15+ boys - (waitlist)

Wait list teams have a good liklihood of getting in due to another age or gender group not having enough teams to fill a competitive league over 8 games, a team drops or we expand the league and possibly play a game each Friday night as well for session 2.  For wait list placement and questions, email stingpres@gmail.com

The final mix of teams is determined as registrations come in.  There is a minimum number of teams to have an age group but not necessarily a maximum (other than the total amount of 36 teams) to fill the time in the WSPRAC we have for the leagues.  See current status of registrations below. Please register early.

  • High quality turf and indoor soccer (see field dimensions below)
  • Indoor soccer with cleats, throw-ins, corner kicks and no boards!
  • 2 MYSA certified referees for each 8 vs 8 match

On-line registration

If you want the link to the on-line registration and/or to be added to our waitlist, just send me an email at stingpres@gmail.com and I will send the link to you.

Questions, please call 612-269-8254.



Status of registrations-Girls

Age Group Both sessions #1 only Total #1 #2 only Total #2
U11/U12 7 1 8 5 12
U13/U14 2 4 6 2 4
U15+ 6 2 8 2 8
Totals 15 7 22 9 24

Status of registrations-Boys

Age group Both sessions #1 only Total #1 #2 only Total #2
U11/U12 3 1 4 3 6
U13/U14 6 - 6 - 6
U15+ - 4 4 NA NA
Total 9 5 14 3 12

New in 2014/2015

As part of the registration each team manager or coach who registers can do the following:

  • Complete the roster as part of the online registration
  • Click on the consent, representing that the waiver has been distributed to players/parents of rostered players
  • Or fill out manually and submit before 1st game of session.

Session 1 - 2014/2015 starts weekend of November 14-16, 2014

Welcome to the 2014/2015 indoor soccer leagues sponsored by Sting Soccer Club at the WSPRAC!


  • Saturday (9:00 am - 1:00 pm) and Sunday (1:15pm-6:15pm) matches
  • 2 sessions of 8 games
  • 8 v 8 with 2 referees
  • Critical to proved us 2015 summer competetive level with registration
  • Age groups (36 total teams for each session across all age groups listed below)
    • U11/12 - separate girls/boys league
    • U13/U14 - separate girls/boys league
    • U15+ - separate girls/boys league
  • Session 1- $1,250 for 8 games (7 league, 1 playoff) - see dates below.
  • Session 2- $1,250 for 8 games (7 league, 1 playoff) - see dates below.

Register for both session 1 and session 2 and receive $100 discount for total of $2,400.  $50 nonrefundable deposit at time of registration and then ability to pay "offline" or wait until league play begins.

Questions, contact stingpres@gmail.com 

Weather Policy

The WSPRAC does not close for inclement winter weather. It is up to teams if they chose to play or forfeit during inclement winter weather. The Sting indoor league is not responsible for games being forfeited due to weather; therefore, it does not guarantee make-up games at a later date.

Soccer leagues U11-U15+ (8 vs 8) - session 1 and session 2 - 2014/2015

Both sessions - 8 games (7 league games and 1 playoff)

  • U11-U15+ - 8 v 8 games - 2 referees (65 x 53 yards)
    • Boys and girls leagues
    • Age groups (U11 & U12, U13 & U14, and U15+)
    • Games start hourly either Saturday from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm or Sunday's 1:15 pm - 5:15 pm
    • 2 x 25-27 minute halves (short break in between)
    • Cost - $1,250 for session 1 or 2 if only doing 1 session or $2,400 for both ($100 savings)
    • Payment can be made as part of registration or done before 1st league game - or if registering for both sessions before 11/10/14 and then before 2/14/15.

Dates - First Session  - starts weekend of November 15/16, 2014- ends weekend of February 1, 2015 - no games Thanksgiving weekend or weekends of December 20/21, December 27/28 and January 3/4.

Dates - Second Session - starts weekend of February 21, 2015 - ends weekend of April 18/19, 2015, no games Easter weekend (April 4/5, 2015).

What groups will play when?

To help teams coordinate your own training, please consider that your games maybe on Saturday or Sunday.  We try to schedule 5 out of 8 games for girls on Saturday's and 5 out of 8 games for boys on Sunday's.  However, depending on final registrations, this could change if more girl teams register than boy teams or if more boy teams register than girl teams.

Contact Bob Nelson @ stingpres@gmail.com with questions.

Join Us!

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Friday Night 11 vs 11 registration

On-line registration is active.  Clink on link below to see teams and possible matches to request.  If interested please email stingpres@gmail.com to request playing the home team.

If you are registering as an "away" team, obtain the date from your opponent and complete the registration as the away team.



Schedule of 11 vs 11 matches

Please click the link above to see complete list of 11 vs 11 matches and to request playing a team on the list send an email to stingpres@gmail.com

Friday Night - 11 vs. 11 matches - this is not a league

Utilizing the same field that top level teams use for training and matches.  Indoor soccer with cleats, throw-ins, corner kicks and no boards!

  • 11 vs. 11 match times—Friday nights starting Nov 14, 2014—April 17, 2015 (U13+ teams)
  • Bring your own opponent, or contact us with 3 weeks notice and we will make every attempt to find you an appropriate match.
  • 1 hour 15 total minutes (70+ minute matches) - starting at 7:30 and 8:45 pm - please allow for 5 minutes of warm up time.
  • Warm up space is limited but available on the east side of the indoor soccer fields
  • Includes 2 referees
  • 1 team - 70-75 minutes $285 for 1 date, $270 per match for 3 dates.  If you would like more dates than 3, just complete another registration.
  • Please remember, it is $570 in total for both teams for 1 hour and 15 minutes of soccer on the full 11 v 11 field.

11v11 Friday matches-November 2014-April 2015

Age Groups Open To Age Groups (U13+)
Dates Friday's Through The Winter
Match Start Times 7:30 and 8:45 pm
Game Length 2x35 min halves
Field Size 110x65
Referees 2 person system
Gender Boys and Girls
Cost $285 for 1 match per team
Discount Buy three and pay $270 per match