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Home of West St. Paul Regional Athletics Center

Welcome To The West St Paul Regional Athletics Center

This state of the art indoor sports facility was completed in November 2012 and boasts a 110,000 square foot permanent dome, an 11v11 soccer/lacrosse field (110x65 yds.), a training field (35x65 yds.), and 3 batting cages. The dome is open to the public. Check the schedules below to see when walking/jogging and open dome times are available.  

Rent Now

If you are looking to secure a Field or Batting Cage time, email Andy at Andy@sfdmgt.com. Click on the link below to view open rental times and rates.

View Open Rental Times & Rates

Minnesota Thunder Academy Soccer Camps Begin In November

MTA offers soccer programs for players from the age of 3-14 years old.

Click Here For Dates & Registration

Open Walking & Jogging

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mar 2 - Mar 6 7AM-3:15PM 7am to 9am 12pm to 3:15pm 7AM-3:45PM 7AM-3:15PM 7AM-4:15PM
Mar 9 - Mar 13 7AM-4:45PM 7AM-4:45PM 7AM-3:15PM 7AM-3:15PM 7AM-4:45PM
Mar 16 - Mar 20 7AM-3:00PM 7am to 9am 12pm to 2:45pm 7am to 9am 7AM-3:15PM 7AM-2:45PM
Mar 23 - Mar 27 7AM-2:45PM 7AM-2:45PM 7AM-3:00PM 7AM-3:00PM 7AM-3:00PM
Mar 30 - Apr 3 7AM-2:45PM 7am to 9am 12pm to 2:45pm 7AM-2:45PM No Walking/Jogging No Walking/Jogging

Open Dome

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mar 2 - Mar 6 9AM-3:00PM 12PM-3:00PM NO OPEN DOME 9AM-3:15PM 9AM-4:15PM
Mar 9 - Mar 13 9AM-3:00PM 9AM-3:00PM 9AM-3:15PM 9AM-3:15PM NO OPEN DOME
Mar 16 - Mar 20 9AM-3:00PM 12PM-2:30PM NO OPEN DOME NO OPEN DOME 9AM-2:45PM
Mar 23 - Mar 27 9AM-2:45PM 9AM-2:45PM 9AM-2:45PM 12PM-2:45PM 9AM-2:45PM
Mar 30 - Apr 3 9AM-2:45PM 12PM-2:30PM 9AM-2:45PM NO OPEN DOME NO OPEN DOME

Open Soccer

Wednesday Friday
November-April 12:00-2:00pm 12:00-2:00pm

The WSP RAC Public Use

OPEN WALKING & JOGGING - Free to the public

OPEN DOME - $5.00 per person

*All participants must sign in at the front office/desk


Public Use Counter

The WSPRAC has estimated  20,000+ Walkers / Joggers & Open Dome Users for all of 2014

January - February 2015:

2800+ Walkers and Joggers & 2400+ Open Dome Users